All things mechanical

In my quest to learn all I can about bicycle mechanics, I ordered a few tools, a repair manual and purchased 4 used bicycles. However, the first bike I disassembled was my old 21 speed Trek that I gave to my son who was growing quickly and wanted a bicycle. As I stripped the bike of it’s parts, my son requested that the bicycle be painted white/orange.

My old Trek made new.

It took a couple of weeks to disassemble, sand, paint and reassemble the bike. Our maiden voyage involved riding the bicycle on a local trail where it performed as expected.

While disassembling the Schwinn, I learned of a community of people who are recycling used bikes and donating them to charitable organizations. I wanted to be part of that movement so I organized and completed work on the first of 4 bicycles to be donated the 1981 Schwinn cruiser.


The 1961 Huffy was purchased from our local Goodwill. The wheels wobbled and did not roll freely. After I overhauled the hubs the stiffness in the wheels was gone. The bottom bracket, shown below, needed cleaning. The brake and gear cables were replaced. The fork was removed and the head bearings were cleaned and greased.

1961 Huffy bottom bracket

The final step involves disassembling the three speed hub (shown below).  The glide pins where not connected to the push rod when the hub was opened. They where just lying along the hub wall. I am seeking a Shimano Ball Cup remover tool to rebuild this hub. This tool has been difficult to find locally and on the internet. But I have faith that the tool will be purchased, the bike assembled, tested and donated.

Shimano three speed hub with planet gears exposed.

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