A bike for a child

So many years ago I rode my red bicycle everywhere. As a young adult my bicycle was my car. I drove it to all the places the city had to offer. I recently purchased two Childrens bicycles for pedalpushers.org that I am getting ready for donation. The first up is a Kent.

Kent bike overhaul

I Began by stripping the bike of its parts. I  removed the chain guard, wheels, fork, stem, seat and bottom bracket pedals. I will keep the chain since it is in good shape. The frame of the Kent stands alone on the repair stand. This bike may have been manufactured in April 2010. I couldn’t find documentation on the Kent website using the stamped serial number. Head tube bearing below show its original condition. The bearings and races are now cleaned as well as the bottom bracket shell.

Now that the fork, handle bars and pedals have been cleaned and assembled it’s time to work on the hubs. If this bike was manufactured in 2010, it certainly got loads of wear by the looks of these parts.

All the parts were cleaned with mineral spirits. It does a great job of getting rid of the old gunk. Now it’s time to assemble the hubs and place the wheels on the frame.

Cleaned parts

The hubs were assembled, the rims trued and the tires were placed onto the bike. Now I have to purchase replacement handle bar grips from my local bike shop and the bike will be done and ready to donate.

Update. This bike was donated to Catholic Charities of Centt Florida















































































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