More bikes

Great News: Pedal Pushers has received 501(c)3 charitable organization status by the IRS.

I recently purchased two adult bicycles from Craigslist. You probably know by now, that I purchase used bikes for and prepared them to be donated to Catholic Charities or any charitable organization. So here I go again. (I really do enjoy doing this)

The first to be repaired is the bike with the basket. It’s a Kent LaJolla. It’s already on the repair stand stripped of most of its parts. So far I have cleaned/lubed the hubs and brakes. The pedals are off the bike and the bottom bracket is sitting in mineral sprits.

I ordered tools for the bottom bracket lock ring. All the hubs were overhauled and the tires are ready to go back on the bike. Since I can’t Complete work on the bottom bracket until the tools arrive,  I will work on the front fork and handle bars.

The tools arrived! Now that this bike is assembled it will be put to the side until I finished the next bicycle. Later both will be donated. One less car on the road and another bike saved from from the waste heap. Movimiento es vida!

The following are pictures of the second bike before it’s overhaul.

This is a Kent bicycle. It is a 7 speed with a single cog in front. The shifter is skipping gears as it advances. The shift and break cables will be replaced. The 7 speed freewheel has been taken apart and the cogs are bathing in mineral spirits. The wheel hubs are being cleaned and lubed.

Update on both bicycles. They have been donated to Catholic Charities of Orlando.

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