501(c)3 status approved.

The IRS approved our application for 501(c)3 status. Donors can now make tax deductible donations. Pedal Pushers has moved to a new location. Once again we will begin repairing bicycles to be donated to charity. Thanks again for following and continue reading our blog. Merry Christmas!!!!

More bikes

Great News: Pedal Pushers has received 501(c)3 charitable organization status by the IRS.

I recently purchased two adult bicycles from Craigslist. You probably know by now, that I purchase used bikes for and prepared them to be donated to Catholic Charities or any charitable organization. So here I go again. (I really do enjoy doing this)

The first to be repaired is the bike with the basket. It’s a Kent LaJolla. It’s already on the repair stand stripped of most of its parts. So far I have cleaned/lubed the hubs and brakes. The pedals are off the bike and the bottom bracket is sitting in mineral sprits.

I ordered tools for the bottom bracket lock ring. All the hubs were overhauled and the tires are ready to go back on the bike. Since I can’t Complete work on the bottom bracket until the tools arrive,  I will work on the front fork and handle bars.

The tools arrived! Now that this bike is assembled it will be put to the side until I finished the next bicycle. Later both will be donated. One less car on the road and another bike saved from from the waste heap. Movimiento es vida!

The following are pictures of the second bike before it’s overhaul.

This is a Kent bicycle. It is a 7 speed with a single cog in front. The shifter is skipping gears as it advances. The shift and break cables will be replaced. The 7 speed freewheel has been taken apart and the cogs are bathing in mineral spirits. The wheel hubs are being cleaned and lubed.

Update on both bicycles. They have been donated to Catholic Charities of Orlando.

A bike for a child

So many years ago I rode my red bicycle everywhere. As a young adult my bicycle was my car. I drove it to all the places the city had to offer. I recently purchased two Childrens bicycles for that I am getting ready for donation. The first up is a Kent.

Kent bike overhaul

I Began by stripping the bike of its parts. I  removed the chain guard, wheels, fork, stem, seat and bottom bracket pedals. I will keep the chain since it is in good shape. The frame of the Kent stands alone on the repair stand. This bike may have been manufactured in April 2010. I couldn’t find documentation on the Kent website using the stamped serial number. Head tube bearing below show its original condition. The bearings and races are now cleaned as well as the bottom bracket shell.

Now that the fork, handle bars and pedals have been cleaned and assembled it’s time to work on the hubs. If this bike was manufactured in 2010, it certainly got loads of wear by the looks of these parts.

All the parts were cleaned with mineral spirits. It does a great job of getting rid of the old gunk. Now it’s time to assemble the hubs and place the wheels on the frame.

Cleaned parts

The hubs were assembled, the rims trued and the tires were placed onto the bike. Now I have to purchase replacement handle bar grips from my local bike shop and the bike will be done and ready to donate.

Update. This bike was donated to Catholic Charities of Centt Florida















































































4 bicycles donated

Today donated 4 bicycles to Catholic Charities of Central Florida. My son (the photographer) and I loaded the children’s bikes into the back seat of the car. The adult bicycles were placed onto the bicycle rack.

We drove to Orland using I4, which felt like a parking lot because of the construction taking place. But, we arrived at Catholic Charities and Caroline and Anita greeted us at the back door. After a quick conversation, about the work I do at Pedal Pushers and Caroline explaining how the bicycles would be distributed to their clients, I unloaded the bicycles and rolled them into the building as the rain fell from the sky. Yes, the past couple of days have been gray but the bicycle donation was the bright spot of the day.

Thanks again to Catholic Charities of Central Florida for accepting the donation and distributing the bicycles to families in need of transportation.































All things mechanical

In my quest to learn all I can about bicycle mechanics, I ordered a few tools, a repair manual and purchased 4 used bicycles. However, the first bike I disassembled was my old 21 speed Trek that I gave to my son who was growing quickly and wanted a bicycle. As I stripped the bike of it’s parts, my son requested that the bicycle be painted white/orange.

My old Trek made new.

It took a couple of weeks to disassemble, sand, paint and reassemble the bike. Our maiden voyage involved riding the bicycle on a local trail where it performed as expected.

While disassembling the Schwinn, I learned of a community of people who are recycling used bikes and donating them to charitable organizations. I wanted to be part of that movement so I organized and completed work on the first of 4 bicycles to be donated the 1981 Schwinn cruiser.


The 1961 Huffy was purchased from our local Goodwill. The wheels wobbled and did not roll freely. After I overhauled the hubs the stiffness in the wheels was gone. The bottom bracket, shown below, needed cleaning. The brake and gear cables were replaced. The fork was removed and the head bearings were cleaned and greased.

1961 Huffy bottom bracket

The final step involves disassembling the three speed hub (shown below).  The glide pins where not connected to the push rod when the hub was opened. They where just lying along the hub wall. I am seeking a Shimano Ball Cup remover tool to rebuild this hub. This tool has been difficult to find locally and on the internet. But I have faith that the tool will be purchased, the bike assembled, tested and donated.

Shimano three speed hub with planet gears exposed.