This 1981 Schwinn beach cruiser was taken completely apart. The chain was replaced, hubs and bearings cleaned and greased.  The bottom bracket was disassembled, cleaned and greased. This bicycle is ready for decades of enjoyment. This bicycle is scheduled to be donated.

Below is the 1961 Huffy three speed bicycle currently being worked on. The hubs and bottom bracket have been overhauled. The brake and gear shifting cables have been replaced. I have taken apart the three speed hub and once it is overhauled, it will be ready to donate.

1961 Huffy three speed

While I wait for the Shimano ball cup remover tool, lets take apart our next project the Kent bicycle.

Unable to determine the year of this bicycle. But from the pictures you can see it needs TLC before it can go back on the road. All of the parts where taken off and cleaned. The frame stands alone on the repair stand. The head tube and bottom bracket races are ready to be greased to receive the bearings.

The Kent bicycle was restored and taken for a test ride. Everything works and this bike will be donated soon.

The Next bicycle is a bike for a smaller child. Similar to the previous bicycles, this one has seen lots of abuse and therefore needs to be disassembled and cleaned.

The bottom bracket had an extremely dirty bearing. The BB shell was cleaned as well as the bearings. Below the drive side internals are cleaned and the hub that receives them is greased.

This bicycles will now be assembled and given a test ride before it is donated.

The Ross was purchased at my local Goodwill store. Below is a picture before commencing work on the bike.


The bicycle was stripped of its parts. I cleaned and lubed the hubs, axles and bearings.

The freewheel needed servicing. Usually the item is replaced but I dismantled the freewheel and restored it to working condition.